Well, the 2017 vintages are coming along nicely. We think this is going to be one of the best in many years. Our Vidal Blanc is so full of fruit smells and flavors it is amazing. The Chardonnay is just out of this world. Here’s to a great year!!



You asked for it, so here is the Peach Sangria recipe made with our Morning Glory white wine. Further down is the Deliciously Red sangria recipe.

Peach Sangria

One bottle of Stone Barn Cellars Morning Glory white wine
29oz can yellow cling peaches in light syrup
1 and 1/2 cups orange juice
juice of three limes.

Mix in large pitcher and have at it!!!! MMMMmmmmm!


Since SO many of you wanted my wife, Suzanne’s Stone Barn Cellars Red Sangria recipe, here it is.

Make in a large pitcher.

Cran/Grape Sangria

One Bottle Stone Barn Cellars DELICIOUSLY RED WINE.
1 &1/2 Quarts Ocean Spray CranGrape juice.
5 Limes (juice only).
1/4 cup sugar
Orange wedges + frozen cranberries to garnish.
Mix & serve on ice.
Have fun. Play Hard.